If you have no idea yet about cars, you may be overwhelmed with what to choose when you will finally buy your own car. A car is one that could be your long-term goal to buy and you may have saved up for it. If you already prepared and made your own research on what car you would buy then you can just go and buy. But when you have no idea yet, you may have to search and see what you might like.

To help you then let us see the top brands that have the higher value than the others. In the top rank is the Toyota that has the Corolla as the top model that sell more than the others. The second in rank is the Mercedez-Benz that has the C-class as there top selling model. The BMW is next in rank having the 3 series models of cars as their top selling product. Next is the brand of Honda and the model that sells the most is the Civic.

Next is the Ford brand that also has its own products. Their F-series trucks are their strength as they are the ones that sell the most. The next brand is Hyundai which also is a famous car brand. It has the Elantra models like the one that has the highest sales record among all of their products. The Audi is also on the list and its pride is the A4 model of car. The Nissan catches up with their Sentra model as the top selling.